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Computer Repair Services and Support

Computer Repair Services

Always Provided In your Home or Office

When you have computer problems and need computer repair services or support, the last thing you need is more problems getting service. We cover all of Grand Cayman and have years of experience with mission critical software and PC system support for homes, businesses, and Visitors. We at PC-Doctor feel your pain and especially understand how critical computer systems and networks are for home and business. When it comes to computer repair and support we are here to help. We are fair and we are honest. Contact us today.

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Remote Computer Repair

Technology is great and it has been getting better in regards to remote computer diagnosis and repair. We have the best, most secure and latest tools to solve most computer software and operating system problems remotely via the Internet.

Simply join our computer support session online with a 9 digit key then sit back and watch us work while we take control of your computer to fix problems, load software, configure printers etc...

Do not worry about being there. It is no problem with your direct permission we can work on your computer while you are away with our unattended support option.

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Save $$ We Bring It to Our Shop

If you want us to bring your computer into our shop for repair you can save money. Why? Well since we are the Doctor we can multi task and work on several computers at a time. This means that when we are waiting for software to load, or a computer to reboot we are not sitting there twiddling our thumbs we are actually being productive. As a result you can save money.

We encourage you to check the prices out at our competitors such as ComputerGeek etc. you will find all of our prices at a lower rate.

Paying high prices for computer services and repair is not fun so we try to help lower your costs to earn your repeat business!

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